Institute for Theoretical Physics and Advanced Mathematics (IFM)
Einstein-Galilei in Prato

IFM is a private, non­-profit making, academic research institution whose aim is to create scientific environment where theoretical physicists and mathematicians can discuss and share ideas concerning the physical and mathematical sciences.
The IFM mission is to conduct high quality scientific research at the frontier of the multidisciplinary fields of Theoretical Physics and Mathematics.
The Birth of this institute marks a new era in such fundamental research by bringing together scientific researchers working in diverse fields and coordinating their myriad thoughts and efforts.

The IFM provides an international assembly for scientific contact and collaboration between physicists and mathematicians from the entire world.
The IFM objectives are to support and direct theoreticians and mathematicians worldwide at universities and research centres, as well as publishing scientific works.

Another important aim involves the dissemination of scientific ideas and achievements among non-specialists through programs of education and collaboration with the other Cultural Institutions of the City of Prato.

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